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JuGgAlO4LiFe [entries|friends|calendar]

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Fuck An A!!! [19 Jul 2004|02:31am]
[ mood | blank ]

I have not updated in 5 weeks because fuckin takin all ur time to write sumthing in a fuckin journal ..that ppl read and make fun of u!! well i got bored and decided to write PLUS MY FUCKIN SISTER WONT QUIT BUGGING ME!! SHIT!! Well I'm done wit my job and i ahve a lot of money! And life here is nuthin more than ordianry... Aarons and mine friend (Matt) came from cali, and we are gunna hang out... We'll go to Micky Deez Nutz(McDonalds for all of you retards that dont kno what that means) and just get drunk. well there is nothing more to write BCUZ MY LIKFE IS FUCKING BORING!!


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This Last Week SUCKED!! [11 Jun 2004|09:20pm]
[ mood | I'm Goin To Gretas!! ]

Well starting i think Saturday I got a nice fuckin phone for like 3??$ I dont remember the price.And then on Tueday i had to start WORK! OMFG it is fuckin hell....All i have been doing is filing shit for 8 non-stop hours(Except lunch). But that shit is worth it!! HAHAHA all my friends think its fucked up that i got a jon in the summer, but I'm gunna be the fuckin one laughing when one of them needs money at Desert Ridge and they are gunna fuckin start moochin off me, askin me to take sum money out of my bank account!! just watch, but the only person I'd give money to is probbly Phillip, and a couple of other ppl, cause i kno that they can pay me back(trust me I've know them for almost 4 years lol) well yea now that this week is over i made 180$ in 4 days lol hahah that insane shit for me!! This week did suck but 2Morrow is gunna make me feel all better! 2morrow im goin to my freinds house that I've been friend wit for about 7 years and then I'm goin to Gretas!!! for everyone who JUST read my thing for the 1st time I REALLY LIKE HER so u can imagine how happy I am to be visting her!! (hell yea!!) Well i really dont have nething to say except WORK SUX and thats about it!! L8r Ninjas( new cell is (602) 435-1881(very easy to remember))

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Well I Dedicate This Page To Greta [04 Jun 2004|11:31pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Yea this is for Greta The Great... well i finally told her!! Jezus Chris that took me so long to fuckin tell her!! I dont like neone else nemore i just like Greta..I really like her too bad(once again antoher person i like!!)she has a boyfriend!!
I mean i really her lol ill say it once again!!! She is really pretty, She has the BEST personality!!! and she is just a fun person to hang around wit.....She spent the night and i had a fuckin blast!! i was talkin to phillip on AIM and he told me "just go fuckin kiss or sumthing if parker starts shit wit u ill bakc ur ass up" thnc phill....yea well it was really hard to tell her it took me a fuckin while....i really do hope she breaks up wit Parker and if she soes i think ill ask her out...but once again i scared of of gettin rejected lol....she so pretty i just dont kno what to say.... i really like her and that the final thing ill have to say.

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